Founded in 2008 in Casablanca, Morocco, we have devoted our works toward Web- and 3D-technologies since the early beginnings. Our team has grown to more than 15 employees and externals. We have served clients from Morocco, France, and Germany from many different market branches like real-estate, industry, market research, automobile, and many other.

Mardal has established wealthy and profitable long-term relationships with our partners abroad while working on projects for big players, like GFK, YouTube or Ebay. With more than 8 years of hands-on experience, we can deliver together high-quality results in a decent amount of time. Our management has worked successfully with small, medium and big corporations.

We invite you to visit us and welcome you sincerely to our office!

Some Of Our Clients

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Successful Projects
Hours of Design & Development

Meet The Team

Markus Siebeneicher
Markus SiebeneicherCTO & Creative Director
Lead Director, Business Strategist, Technical Enthusiast, Father, Traveller and Muay Thai-Boxer.
Technology Advisor & Architect 97%
Business Relationships 83%
Dalal Najem
Dalal NajemDirector Administration & Quality
Founder, Leader, Administration, Responsibility, Professional/Personal Development, Father, Jogging
Overall Quality Manager 96%
Client & Account Manager 87%
LarbiDeveloper Coach & Lead Developer
Full Stack developer, Technical Enthusiast, Geek, Father and Reader
Web Technologies (HTML5/JS/CSS) 94%
Web Graphics & Videos 82%
Sanaa3D Team Manager & Post-Production Artist
Concept artist, Post production, UX-Designer , Blogger , Addicted to organization, Home DIYs
Visual Post-Production 88%
Team Coach & Coordination 91%
Naima3D Artist
3D Designer, Web Designer, Seo Management, Foreign languages, blogger, Physical Fitness
Maya Modeling 91%
3D Application Configuration 92%
Chahid AlaouiSEO Specialist
Seo Manager, « Pantomath », Future Father,
Nomad, « Serial Series Watcher » and Sports fanatic!
SEO Analytics 98%
SEO Consultation 91%
Younes3D Artist
3d designer, Graphic Designer, Creative thinking, Gamer, Ancient Civilizations, Writer, Reader
3Ds Max Designer 95%
VRay Rendering 85%
Yassine3D Artist
3D Enthusiast
3Ds Max Designer 91%
VRay Rendering 92%

We Speak English, French, German and Arabic. We Have Helped Clients Worldwide.

We Thrive Ourselves On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

We Are Creative

We appreciate a flat and intimate team structure, so we are as creative as possible.

We Have Intuition

We trust in our intuition, it has proven to give unexpectedly great results, based on the right data and setup.

We Are Determined

Challenges are welcomed in our team, we appreciate new technologies and influences to drive for the best result.

We Visualize The Shades Of Light